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How To Choose A Sonic Drilling Contractor

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There has been a rise in sonic drilling demand over the previous decade as well as an increase in drilling businesses offering it.

Many companies provide sonic drilling services, but not all of them have the knowledge and resources necessary for your project. Selecting a sonic drilling contractor involves several considerations.

Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Contractor

Sonic Rig Drilling Experience

Buying a sonic drill is reasonably straightforward, but finding competent sonic drillers, let alone a crew, is considerably more difficult. As a result, several drilling companies have invested in sonic rigs and turned them over to their current employees, anticipating a fast learning curve.

The technology is much more complicated, requiring the driller to understand how it works with different types of soil types and what to do if situations don’t go according to plan. However, the use of sonic drilling needs a unique degree of expertise and experience that cannot be obtained with any other technique.  

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Number of Sonic Rigs

The sonic rig count isn’t just for show; it can have an impact on your project’s timeline. One or two sonic rigs are all that a drilling contractor has, then a breakdown or another project running long can cause your project to be delayed.

As a result, you’ll be happier working with an organization that has a fleet of sonic drilling rigs.

Of course, this is true in both directions. A contractor who has a larger fleet of sonic drills can likely accommodate you if there’s a disruption to your project that causes drilling to be delayed.

Varieties of Sonic Rigs

You may need a non-traditional sonic rig depending on your drilling site’s access, goals of the project, or obstacles. Do they have a mini-sonic rig, a track-mounted rig, or a large ATV sonic rig? Ask your contractor. This will allow you to determine if the contractor is even able to gain access to your property.

The subsurface conditions can also be affected by the type of equipment used. As drilling progresses, the drill pipe must retain its resonance, and not every rig can accomplish this in rapidly changing geology.

Resources of the Contractor for Adapting Rigs

If you have a unique project, you may not be able to use existing equipment or tools to complete it. Working with a drilling contractor who can modify or create it in-house is therefore crucial.

Dealing with Breakdowns

Breakdowns are inevitable, and although it would be ideal if they didn’t happen, equipment fails if it’s being operated rather than kept. It’s important to know that the contractor has a strategy to deal with such an occurrence quickly.

Whatever the strategy, your sonic drilling contractor must have one and be prepared to explain it to you if you ask about it.


Sonic drilling contractors are many nowadays, but make sure you select one with a lot of expertise, resources, and pre-project preparation.